Suggestions welcomed: Assignment of faces / edges / nodes to boundary conditions



the current workflow of assigning a boundary condition (in this case a pressure load) to a face implies

  • Selecting the faces in the viewer
  • Assigning them to the BC at hand with the “Assign selection from viewer button”
  • Saving the BC

This workflow has improvement potential such that it needs fewer clicks. Additionally some user experience tests lately showed that it could also be made more intuitive. Since such a workflow or at least a similar one is very common in most 3D engineering software applications, all of us have seen this very often. What kind of workflow improvements would you like to see here? Is there a specific way of doing this that you like best? And if yes, why? Looking very much forward to your suggestions!




Assagning boundary conditions works pretty well but finding on which faces afterwards is somewhat problematic if faces eg are hidden behind ither geometry. It could be useful to for example highlight selected surfaces when clicking on select assignment or reduce opacity of geometry in front of selected entities.
Other thing that could be useful would be some kind of symbols added ones boundary conditions have been assigned like in Solidworks simulation you have arrows for loads which also indicates the direction of applied force. On the remote displacement it would be good to have something visual to show where external point is located for example automatically add a point primitive in that location.
From one topic to another I tried to use the artificial clearance in physical contact to act kind of an actuator between to surfaces by changing the clearance time dependent and it worked but it would be useful to have a boundary condition specifically for this kind of demands where you fore example just specify speed or distance and don´t need to know the distance between the selected surfaces.