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  • Having the naming protocol of layers in UI

  • Adding 8 directions for PWC as an option

  • Visual queue of Region of Interest when entered (creation of a ROI layer, a circle with the inputed radius and its center at the ROIs one, the centroid of the buildings, or alternatively the 0,0 coordinate

  • Creation of Local Cartesian Box for Statistical Averaging (and a preview in the viewport as well)

  • Would be nice to somehow preview the overall geometry we’re sending to SimScale. Happens one forget to put one block in the right layer and we think it’s being sent because we see it in the Rhino viewport (an example from our LINK EP UI in image)


// Joel Lopez


Thanks Joel! great comments :slight_smile:

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This is now available with the latest version. Keep in mind that you would also need to upload a wind data file that has exactly 8 directions.


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Hey Richard and Jeroen,

Thanks for the new release and adjustments.

Have a couple of thoughts about the new version:

  • Having the chance to run 8 directions is good. I miss however the option to bring the data from Meteoblue as in the web interface. It’s great I can upload my STAT file, and the formatting for the number of directions doesn’t take too much when one has the table format ready to do so, but maybe having the Meteoblue data available streamlines it all even more :wink:

  • The upload process stopped at this screen for +10mins, so at that point I chose to set up the sim in the web platform as usual. Not sure what the error was about, but I could see in the platform the geom was uploaded, but the PWC simulation was not created. (Also, update that 2021 in the lower part?)

  • I miss the option in the Rhino interface to be able to set up surface roughness first, and then different ones to the immediate terrain of my ROI, and the bigger one (where I don’t include context buildings, so the surface roughness needs to be different). Example of the options in the web interface:

Thanks again for the good effort!

// Joel Lopez