Sudden crash of simulation

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I tried to simulate a FSAE car, but without diffuser. So therefore I only removed the diffuser and ran a simulation without it, but although the settings were almost the same as previous simulations, which were successful, this one went wrong. After 55% of simulation it failed. Could you please look at it and try to find the reason for problems?


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Superior Engineering

Hi @sengineering!

Can you check if you typed in the right coordinates for the moving wall BC for the wheels? Easiest way to check that is to create 2 geometry primitives with points and type in the coordinates and see if they match the center of the wheel. Let me know how things go!




BC for both wheels are correct, but the mesh is probably not ok. A lot of weird structures.

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Hi @sengineering,

You’ll need to fix either your mesh or geometry as in the meshing log it states “Finished meshing with 461 illegal faces (concave, zero area or negative cell pyramid volume)”



Agreed Barry!

If it is not the reason I mentioned it is probably the mesh causing you some trouble. If you need help just let us know @sengineering!



For now I am trying to reduce the amount of illegal cells. Currently I went from 450 or so to 230.


Hi @sengineering!

I believe that there are still too much distorted elements in the area I marked red.

@yosukegb4 or @pfernandez , can you please give our user some tips on how to improve the current mesh?

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Hi everyone !

How about removing an intersecting surface in the sidepod of the car model geometry as below on CAD first.

Yosuke Yamamoto