Struggling with simple simulation

Hi friends,

I have a simple rectangle tube with 2 objects in it. I want to simulate water flow with 7 m/s through it first and see how both objects are doing.

First I was getting multi region mesh error. I could fix that by selection “inner region” for the model. The simulation is getting processed (after over 90 mins?). But I can’t see anything.

Hi @uoezdemir!

You do not need the outter parts of the surrounding box/duct, simply use one surface to surround your domain, that will do the job.



Hi @jousefm,

thank you for your reply. I have made the changes as you suggested, but now I can’t even build the “closed inner region”.

Could you again, have a look on to that?

You do not have to close the region as it seems to be already closed. You can start your meshing on your CAD and assign the faces to the boundary conditions.

I am afraid that you might have to extend the length of the piping system if you want to have more accurate results (intuitively speaking → developed flow).