'Structural Analysis of a Wheel Loader Arm' simulation project by stadlerj


I created a new simulation project called 'Structural Analysis of a Wheel Loader Arm':

In this project a static linear structural analysis of a wheel loader arm is demonstrated.

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The CAD model is courtesy of GrabCAD member Sankar Ram. The symmetry of the model was used to minimize the simulation domain. After that the model was prepared mainly in terms of removing and adding smaller features and parts. It was then uploaded as a STEP file to the SimScale Platform and meshed using the fully automatic tetrahedralization. The resulting mesh is shown in the picture below.

Altogether seven sliding contact boundary conditions were made. One displacement constraint was used to generate the symmetry plane. For the connection of the arm and the two hydraulic cylinders with the chassis remote displacement boundary conditions were created. The load was then applied with a remote force of 8000 N. Afterwards a static structural analysis was carried out.

The results show the relative movement between the components and at the same time allow an assessment of the stress performance. Without any physical prototype the design engineer is able to alter and improve the design early in the development process. With the results control two area calculation were made to check which forces the hydraulic cylinders have the generate to lift the applied load. The figure above shows the von Mises stress response of the analysis. The figures below show the displacement of the model. Here the filter warp by vector was applied to illustrate the movement of the parts.


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