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Stress Analysis Connecting Rod - Meshing Possibilities


I am trying to do stress analysis on the connecting rod. What option should I select in meshing as there are 1)Tet dominant, 2)Hex dominant CFD etc ?


Hi @MSThaheem,
TetDominant is the only valid mesh algorithm for structural analysis applications at the moment.


When using Tet Dominant, how to define the boundary conditions for instance a connecting rod stress analysis is carried ?


Hi @MSThaheem!

We have several examples for a simulation like this - please have a look at this project: Connecting Rod FEA. The settings, namely the boundary conditions, numerics etc. can be found inside the project.




‘‘Memory allocation error. In order to prevent this error, please choose a machine with more computing cores and use less cores for the computation’’.

I am having this problem, Please tell me where to resolve this issue.


Hi @MSThaheem!

The settings to prevent this message can be found inside the simulation control settings (see attached picture).

Tell me if you have any further questions.

P.S.: You have to use 16 core because that is the max. amount of cores that can be used by community users.