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Strange airflow immediately inside my mesh using Custom Inlet-Outlet and Outlet-Inlet BCs


With my Custom Inlet-Outlet and Outlet-Inlet BC setup on my BMB set to:

  1. Inlet-Outlets with Fixed Value of 10mps flow at 10 degrees inlet air angle on my upwind and lower BMB faces.
  2. Outlet-inlets with ZeroGradient on the rear and upper BMB faces.

What is this behavior seen in this very disconcerting image that the SimScale environment automatically generated for the thumbnail of my project:

Can someone explain what is happening here :question:

EDIT: I think that this may be at iteration 0, so maybe the auto-generating code should look at the last iteration instead…


Hi Dale!

Will reach out to our PP expert to see why this happens, thanks for your hard work and keeping us up-to-date with the latest “news” :wink: