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Stl mesh refinement error, wont import file conversions

trying to import a simple cylender for stree analysis, i had assumed stl would work fine but it wont run mesh refinement, i try and convert into the formats named but none of them open correctly, any ideas?

Hey @Lemlurker,

try uploading the same geometry as a STEP file and tell me if that worked for you!

P.S.: Also have a look at this page of the documentation: CAD Preperation



the software im using cant export to STEP, i tried using FreeCAD to convert it but i got errors every time i uploaded

Hi again @Lemlurker,

I will write you a private message!

@Lemlurker - what software are you using?

blender is what i have used for many years and what i am most proficient in, i am slowly learning solidworks for my university course but i am not yet close to the same proficiencey and dont have it on my pc to allow me to convert with it

email sent thx

The structural mechanics simulation capabilities on SimScale currently focus on BREP type of CAD data, so Solidworks, Onshape and the likes. AFAIK Blender creates polygonal / faceted geometry that even after conversion to STEP might not be what you want as oftentimes simply each triangle is represented as a single face in the STEP model. Any chance you could do this in Solidworks? Then you would have a proper STEP to work with.