STL Import of NX 10

Hey there,

I would like to know what opportunities I have to import an STL file from NX 10 which only can export STL files in binary or text scripts but I tried each of those and nothing worked. Has anybody gotten the same issue and may assist me? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi @estephan,

can you try uploading your geometry / file to OnShape and export it as STL ASCII format. Try then uploading the file on our platform.

If there are any problems, please let me know. I am sure we will find an easy solution to that one :slight_smile:




okay I’ll try that. Thanks :slight_smile:

hey there. Thanks again for the help with the Onshape tool. I was wondering whether you can check on my project. I placed our own formula student car in the FSAE workshop homework bc it fits to our constellation. But now I wanted to do it first of all as one whole body (no speciality in front wing and such stuff to keep errors easy to find). It failed. It says I wouldn’t have given all boundaries a specified boundary condition. But that is not true. I matched everything. Could you check on it?
The mesh worked out good.
For another run I did another check before and it did not complain as before… I tried again. Please have a look.
Thanks :slight_smile:

Update: even though the check does not complain it fails or shows errors. :frowning:

another new error now:

I left both tried simulations in the project so that you may see