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Step-by-Step Tutorial: Homework of Session 2



Did you solve this problem?

I am having this problem too and cant continue for hours :frowning:

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I am still experiencing this problem. What should i do? I find it very difficult to follow the tutorial now.

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The names were the same as i the tutorial, but the server suddenly stopped responding due to an update or something so i scrapped my initial project and started a new one - and everything was renamed + i have only 4 mesh types instead of 6.

That is all i can tell you for now


I started the homeowrk 2 and created a mesh for the same . unfortunately it asked me to recreate the mesh from scratch as there was a "problem with the mesher ".
I recreated the whole project but when i went on to import the geomtery again and start a new mesh
i cant get the operation settings that have to be edited
per say:
under mesh type i selected Hex parametric (only CFD type) but
i couldnt get the options to edit such as minRefinementCells, nCellsBetweenLevels and so on
I cant therefor create this mesh .

my project link (where data cannot be edited) :

Thank you so much!!


Hello @ronak_patil, @gta3005, @mrvos, @jeettrivedi,

as you mentioned there was an update which did not change the meshing functionality but the labels to be more intuitive and understandable. This does of course not hold true for the step-by-step tutorial as the old labels are still referenced there. I will try to add an updated version of the homework of session 2 as soon as possible.

Best Alex


Thank you Alex.


Thanks for the update.
Should we wait for the updated step by step guide right away or will we receive an extension for the homework2?


When will be avaiable HW 3? I still can’t see nothing. :slight_smile:


Hello, i have found when doing the meshing for the model that my model has the old buttons compared to the illustration that has section 6 with (updated) in brackets. could someone highlight if the picture above this is the current or old one as the instructions were very difficult to understand. The illustration highlighted also has settings which my model does not have. Thanks, if there is a clear issue could this be submitted tomorrow without receiving a no submission.


Also it is saying that there is an issue with the cad geometry "Illegal triangles were found after surface tesselation. There could be a problem with the CAD geometry. Trying to proceed anyway.

The tesselated surface is not closed. There could be a problem with the CAD geometry (such as self-intersections). Please inspect your geometry. Trying to proceed anyway."


I am also having this issue as well.


Moved discussion with @jkendrick to private.



I am getting this message when i start simulation. “Probably a wall function boundary condition has been assigned to the bounding face of a MRF zone. Please check your boundary conditions and make sure that no boundary conditions are defined on the bounding faces of the MRF zones”

What is wrong?


Hello @mrvos,

I checked on your setup. You assigned the bounding face of the radiator to the car boundary condition (no-slip wall). As the radiator is defined as a porous medium (advanced concept) it’s bounding faces can not be assigned with boundary conditions. See in the instruction:

Select all the entities starting with solid_0 except solid_0_Reartire and solid_0_Fronttire

So you simply need to remove the face RadiatorZone_boundingFaces from your boundary condition. What I mentioned above holds true for both MRF zones as well as porous media zones. The error message is misleading in your case as it did not hint on porous media. I created a ticket for this.

Best Alex


Hey @mislavbosnjak,

same for you as for @mrvos. Just that you updated your simulation already, but in the run settings I can see that the radiator bounding faces were assigned to the car boundary condition.

Best Alex


Thank you very much sir!

Do i have to resubmit the homework when i finish?



@mrvos, to be honest I do not know. @Akrem or @mmafi1 can you comment on this?



No, this is not necessary.




Hey can you help with this?

"You exceeded your free storage of 512,000 megabytes limit by 188,518.9061 megabytes. Please delete old projects to continue working on the SimScale platform.

To get more storage space, please contact our support team."



make sure your settings in the simulation setup are correct. If they are and you still encounter problems, contact me please.