Step-by-Step Tutorial: Homework of Session 2


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@marti, yes it’s fine to submit the project link with the two meshes, as well as the six simulation runs and the force plots.


Hello Anna! I have successfully submitted the Homework for Project 2. I want to know if I can keep working on the same mesh as the surface was not captured properly and I want to investigate the variation of results between original mesh and the refined mesh.


Hi @pgambhir - yes you may definitely continuing working on this. I’m sure others in this forum thread would be interested to see the results as well!


Thanks for clearing that up!


I just wanted to thank you for the explanation on how changing the refinement levels could be worth it as long as we have a considerable difference among the meaningful variables.


Glad I could help.


Hi all,

I could not do this workshop when you were all doing it but I am doing it now. I have done the first part of this session, 3 runs with the rear wing with louvres, however, anyone could tell me how to run the simulations WITHOUT the louvres? Is there another CAD model around? @Milad_Mafi Could you help me with this?

Thank you for your time.
Victor M.


Hi Victor,

Welcome, hope you are enjoying the workshop so far. I am not sure why the model without lourves was not in the project that you imported. This link should work:

You can download the rear wing 2 geometry from this project and upload it to your current project. Hope that helps!



Thank you very much! @AnnaFless, I really appreciate your help.

Victor M.