Step-by-Step Tutorial: Homework of Session 1


I haven’t had a chance to study what the setting is really doing, but I did change the finalLayerThickness setting from 0.3 to 0.9 like Maciek mentioned a few posts up and now my results look correct.


I don’t why I needed to do this since it seemed to work for Malik and others with the 0.3 setting?


I changed the yplus settings and now my results are like yours, here there is a screen!



I did not see the submission form anymore (should be before 12pm still, right?), so my results are here:

I did not do any external post-processing for this homework.

Is that okay?




I’m having the same problem that Marti, I can’t open the submission form.

My results:




I could not reach the proper submission form with the following link:

I tried different links posted on the forum but they did not work. Therefore, I kindly ask you to review my results on the following link:



I have the same problem.


I have completed my Homework 1 assignment but I am unable to open the submission form. Therefore I am sharing my link here for you to refer:

Thank you,
Apurv Vagare


Hello, thanks for submitting the assignments! @Milad_Mafi will review the results on the links soon!


I took a look to your results and it matches mine. Nice report. Just in case anybody is interested here is my brief results:


Hi @adriabordes @agarciadelgado @drag @avagare
Guys have you noticed that you exceeded the dead line? I look at your posts date (not precise, but still) and I can see you were trying to submit your homework at the very last moment or even after the dead line.


Hi @CMM83
If you have no idea what you’ve changed and why then how do you know your results are now correct? :smiley:

And seriously: read about wall function (!). I can’t promise when, but somewhere in the predictable future I’ll do some short material about it. I just need to think about how to present it in proper, comprehensible way.


Hi @Maciek,

I finished my simulation runs before this long weekend. I had some question about efficiency vs. speed relation. Yesterday I tried to apply the submission form 9 PM at first I thing. My post to the forum with link to the project was done before midnight (and was edited later).

I haven’t noticed, that I exceeded the deadline.

BTW - wierzę również, że nie jesteś w stanie podjąć taką decyzję.


Hello @adriabordes @agarciadelgado @drag @avagare .

The form was automatically closed after the end of the submission deadline. But don’t worry, we will still accept your submissions. I just re-opened the submission form (till tomorrow 12 pm). Please use the link in the tutorial to submit your results.

We will publish today also the recording and homework assignment of session 2 :smile:




Hi @Maciek I will greatly appreciate any material you provide on this. My attempts at reading up on and understanding it have not been as successful so far, so I will definitely appreciate any effort you put into it to explain it to others.



I’ve written about the deadline, because it’s an obvious thing that can be easily overlooked. And it’s exactly what happened to you.

I’m afraid here is your mistake. 12 pm means 12 in the middle of the day, whereas 12 am is midnight. Therefore, if you tried to submit your homework at 9 pm you were 9 hours too late (!). 9 pm = 21 (in 24-hour clock time).

Here is the time table:

(Personally I prefer 24-hour clock. There is no such confusion.)

One more thing: as far as I remember an official and the only language at this forum is English, so please follow the basic rules. And if you want to send me private message use this option on my account:

Also, this sentence in Polish has no sense to me.


OK … you right

Meridies is 12 post meridiem … I forgot this stupid joke . Thank you.


Hi sijia, would you know whether Milad had a chance to accept my homework? I was late few hours with submission - got it done few days earlier, just forgot to submit.


OK - just submitted with the reopened form link. Ah those Simscale rookies… Thanks for the great product, great forum and great training initiative.


Hah, well since it is a tutorial I made the assumption that Malik’s answer was correct. Unless I’m missing something else I did differently, I’m still kind of confused why I need to use a value of .9 (vs .3 value used in tutorial) for finalLayerThickness to match (whether right or wrong) the results of the tutorial.

Thanks for the tip on wall function. I’ve looked at a couple of links, but need to do a deeper dive.