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Step by Step: Rotational Extrusion of axisymmetric simulation

I created this simulation project called 'Rubber seal sliding analysis':

With the intention to post the step by step post processing in ParaView to get the fancy animation of the 3/4 seal displacement. In order to do this we need to install the ParaView in our computer, this is a free Post-Processor

Also you have to had previously follow the [Step by Step Tutorial : Rubber Seal Sliding Analysis](
by @nava

• First we Download the results file from Simscale Post-Processor.

Open the .vtm extension file to load the results into ParaView and apply the WarpByVector, same as Simscale.

• Apply a Slice Filter through the Y axis.

• Now to the Slice we apply a Rotational Extrusion filter, note that this filter only works with 2D geometry

We enter this values:

Resolution: 100 (the higher the smoother is the surface)
Angle: 270

• And with this we have the animated cross section of the seal, you can change further values to make a smooth animation, changing the mode to sequence and the number of frames to a higher value, ParavView interpolate the additional steps between the original simulation steps:

Here the result:

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