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Status of Simscale Servers

In the past two hours I have barely been able to login to Simscale. The page just sits there with nothing happening, spins forever, or gives me a server maintenance error.

Is there a way to check to see if Simscale is down or not or under maintenance?


Now I can consistently login to the forums but it will not let me login to see my dashboard. :frowning:

Hey @cjquijano,

sorry for the late feedback. Could you please check on the issues again and post your status. Everything seems to be working fine, but it is already 4h later. So if you still have issues we can look into those specifically, otherwise we already check if there was a huge load in the night.

Regarding your question: “Is there a way to check to see if Simscale is down or not or under maintenance?”. We are aiming for continuous availability, so we are working on making such a place completely unnecessary. But in case that we do not manage to do that at some point, I agree we should add transparency for the user. So I think it could be a good idea to add a live service status section in the forum. What do you think?

Best Alex

Hi @cjquijano

You know what? It’s a great idea! It would be super to have some indicator. Maybe similar to the ones MMO gamers have? For instance in Diablo 3 I saw there is a bar. Full and green means connection is perfect; two thirds and orange indicated so-so connection; short and red signals very bad one.

Personally I have very annoying internet developer. What’s even worse, I can’t change it because the whole building is connected to only one developer. – BTW it’s perfect example why there can’t be monopoly on the market.

So it would be very useful to have let’s say a small light in the right top corner indicating if there is a problem with the platform connection or whether it’s my net fault.

Well, I could not get onto the platform all last night for some reason but I could get to the forums… Usually I would eventually get the message that the server is undergoing maintenance.

This morning everything seems to be working well again.