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Status of Academic license

Hello SimScale

I am querying regarding the status of my Academic License application. I would like to gain more practice with SimScale and explore your links to educational materials before planning coursework for this fall (graduate class in applied CFD).

All the best, and thanks for all your support.


Hi Dale!

You can practice on SimScale using the normal community plan, the academic plan is for people writing their thesis, are part of a competition team or educators. If you do not fall into those categories, please use the normal community license.

Thanks and happy SimScaling!


Thanks Jousef… But, if possible I would like to be registered under the Academic plan so that I can gain access to your teaching material before classes start (I teach marine and general engineering design here) and to examine LBM simulations for teaching and research (marine and environmental CFD) and LBM is not accessible from the community plan.

Hey @dstokes!

Will write you an email :slight_smile: