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[STARTED] Effects of Impeller Blade Number on Performance of Centrifugal Pumps




The blade number of impeller is an important design parameter of pumps, which affects the characteristics of pump heavily. Computational fluid dynamics simulation and experimental verification are used to investigate the effects of blade number on flow field and characteristics of a centrifugal pump [1],[2].

Input Data

The impeller geometry can be formed by using the data below. Non critical parameters can be assumed for this project.

Fig.1 3D model of the pump.

Table.1 Design parameters of the centrifugal pump.


The purpose of this project is to validate the accuracy of the solver for rotating geometries. The velocity, and pressure head distribution results are to be compared with the proposed results at different blade numbers.

Fig.2 Static pressure distribution at different number of blades.

Fig.3 Relative velocity distributions at front shroud for different impellers (m/s).

Key Words

centrifugal pump, blade number, flow field simulation, characteristics prediction

Literature & Sources

[2] Shouqi, LIU Houlin WANG Yong YUAN, and TAN Minggao WANG Kai. “Effects of blade number on characteristics of centrifugal pumps.” Chinese journal of mechanical engineering 23.6 (2010): 1.


Started by @Mahmoud_Ammar May, 5th 2019.



Can this be shared as a public project?

Also, would like to see the point of diminishing returns where additional blades do not result in additional pressure.


Hi @OMX45!

For this you can go to the public projects section and search for “centrifugal pumps” - there are quite some good examples. For your optimization problem I would suggest that you use Onshape which is quite convenient when it comes to parametrization. You can also have a look at CAESES for geometry optimizations if that’s something you’re interested in.