[STARTED] Design Effects in a Radial Pump Impeller



A wide variety of centrifugal pump types have been constructed, and used in many different applications in industry, and other technical sectors. However, their design, and performance prediction process is still a difficult task, mainly due to the great number of free geometric parameters, the effect of which cannot be directly evaluated. The significant cost and time of the trial-and-error process by constructing and testing physical prototypes reduces the profit margins of the pump manufacturers. For this reason CFD analysis is currently being used in the design and construction stage of various pump types. [1]

Input Data

The complete study would require the parametric model, which can be made following this template. [1]

Parametric model of the impeller a) side view b) top view [1]

Impeller dimensions. [1]

Different designs to be used for this study. [1]


The purpose of this project is to show the SimScale’s capabilities in performance evaluation of pump impellers, and analysing different impeller designs. This validation project can be used as starting point to simulate the similar scenarios. The parameters of interest like the pressure head, hydraulic efficiency will be calculated and validated against the proposed paper. [1]

Hydraulic efficiency and pressure head.[1]

Velocity plots near the edge of the impeller.[1]

Key Words

Radial pump impeller, CFD of pump Impeller, parametric study of impeller design,

Literature & Sources

[1] CFD Analysis and Design Effects in a Radial Pump Impeller


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