[STARTED] Delft Systematic Yacht Hull Series (DSYHS): Sailing yacht hull resistance simulation



The Delft Systematic Yacht Hull Series (DSYHS) was started by Professor J. Gerritsma at TU Delft, in cooperation with N. Newman and J. Kerwin of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and is one of the major research projects on hydrodynamic yacht performance. Since 2010 all genereted data is publicly available, allowing to validate CFD codes against it.

Sketch of the DSYHS measurement setup (from [1])

Input Data

  • Yacht hull geometries can be downloaded as IGES files from the Delft University website
  • I propose to start with a fixed pitch and heave first (no 6DOF) and then potentially moving to a simulation setup where the yacht can pitch and heave freely (with 6DOF)
  • [2] contains a detailed explanation of the boundary condition setup that could be used. Potentially another setup might be required

Geometry visualization from [2].


This project is intended both as a validation as well as an example project for hydrodynamic ship hull resistance prediction with SimScale. The complexity of the DSYHS and the used experimental setup make this project very interesting to serve as a starting point for other, similar projects on SimScale.

Wave generation visualization from [2].

Key Words

Validation, Ship Hull Resistance, Boat Design, Hydrodynamic Hull Performance, Yacht Design, Marine Engineering, Multiphase flow

Literature & Sources


Started by @ojagtap September, 2nd 2018.