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Sports Aerodynamics Workshop Session 1

Excitedly working with the Sports Aerodynamics Webinars I ran into a problem with my first homework; my simulation looks nothing like the example one! Can anyone identify why? I ran through the step by step instructions a couple of times.

I didn’t know that the deadline was last week.

It appears like everything is behaving normally based on the environment I’ve created but my issue is that my project does not match the example project as I assume it is meant to. My project is at the link:

Any suggestions would be greatly appreaciated, thank you!

Hey @STSTom,

Thanks for the question. It’s awesome to hear about your excitement regarding the Sports workshop.

I just took a closer look at your simulation and you have inadvertently assigned the Ski jumper boundary conditions to the Bounding boxes instead of assigning the boundary condition to the solids.

Here’s how you could assign the BC:

Please make the update and the solution should work.

Let us know if you have any further issues :slight_smile:


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Hi @STSTom,

fixed the settings and finished the simulation for you. Saves you some core hours.

Have a look at Your Project



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Thank you! That’s great. I thought it may be something like that as for a while my ski jumper went missing! I’m going to jump on this tonight.


Thank you very much! I appreciate that.

Jousefm, you changed it as recommended by Krishna?

Hi @STSTom,

yes I did. I do not think that I have made any mistakes. Just take a look at it :wink:



Thanks, jousefm and krishna. I’m still getting exploding plots. My force plots and convergence plots don’t match the tutorial in the slightest. Regardless that mine are running for a longer time, they’re non convergent within the same timescale.

Hi, @STSTom, did you import the project from @jousefm? I just imported it and there is good convergence and a steady force plot, I imported your original link and can see the original problem. So if you are having troubles after these changes can you provide another link so we can have a look?

Kind regards,