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Sponsorship & Core Hours


Hi, I did apply for FS sponsorship but not sure if i have got it, also we would like to be able to use the software shown in the first Workshop regarding the desing of airfoils.

Also we have the doubt of how the hours are counted, does it count since the moment that the project is open of does only count the amount of hours spend in “Simulation run” ???

Thank you


Hi @P_Daniel_Acero!

My colleague @AnnaFless will get in touch with you asap. For the definition of a core hour please have a look at the following post: What is a core hour?

All the best!



Hi @P_Daniel_Acero,

It seems that you have an Academic Account, but I do not have a Sponsorship Agreement from you team. You’ll find that at this link. I look forward to your application :slight_smile: