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"Sorry, that content is not here or has been removed."


I’ve logged in to SimScale but when I click on dashboard, View Profile, or Manage Account, I get the error “Sorry, that content is not here or has been removed.” I can’t make new projects because of this. Any idea what’s wrong?



Can you describe the procedure step-by-step and post it along with some photos please? I will see if I can reproduce this and get immediately in touch with the engineers to help you here!

Thanks and cheers!



I have the same problem using firefox on linuxmint.


Thanks for letting us know @number6! I will immediately forward your message!

Cheers and all the best!



I am also having this problem, tried chrome, firefox and IE on windows 10.


Your message has been forwarded by me @baverjaveln! Thanks a lot for the feedback!!

All the best!



Hi @JKWONG95, @number6 & @baverjaveln!

The issue should be resolved now. Can you check if everything works fine and get back to me?

Thanks a lot and cheers!



Yes it is working now!


Great news @number6! Thanks a lot for letting us know!

Have a great week!