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Solver log Interpretation

Would like to understand what this term " CONTACT NEWTON GENE VARI. CONT." means in the newton iteration table.

Seeing that the criteria for convergence of this value is zero i felt it must be of importance. Could i know what the other terms mean too. Till residu absolu its fine but cant understand the other column headings.


Hi Marwan,

The Code Aster solver produces a log written in French. I will check with my team and inform you about this specific term. Tagging @ggiraldof just in case.

Best regards,

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Hi fillia,
To add to the query, what is the unit of contact penetration column in the newton iteration table.

Also what does the error " Échec in the integration of the constitutive law " signify? I have checked on code_aster forum and seen it has something to do with material integration law(Material law integration error / Code_Aster usage / Code_Aster forums). As per the suggestion on it i tried stepping the time even before approaching the error. But as one instance of it is dealt with a new one keeps coming and at times increasing the time step maximum helps rather than reducing. Any suggestions to deal with this?


Hi there, the “CONTACT NEWTON GENE VARI. CONT.” (probably) represents the number of contact pairs that are yet to converge to a constant contact force.

There is no documentation at the moment on how to interpret the solver log that is produced by Code Aster, so if someone watching this thread is experienced with it, feel free to add your input :slight_smile:

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