solution diverged

Hi, everyone,
I’m working on analyzing nature ventilation for a school and I’m having problems getting a successful run. Most of my runs showed " The solution diverged, please check your simulation setup. Divergence can also be caused by bad elements in the mesh. Such elements tend to exist near walls and sharp corners. Visually inspect your mesh to locate them and re-mesh with additional refinements in their vicinity. If you are confident about the mesh-quality, please reduce relaxation factors and use more conservative numerical schemes." I tried to modify some mesh settings and delete some internal features, but I’m still getting errors. How do I fix it without deleting important features? Here is the link,

Thanks in advance.

Hi there, and thanks for using the forum!

I think that the problem could be related to your velocity inlet boundary condition:


I think that the resultant velocity vector does not point to the inside of the volume:

Please review the velocity components so that the velocity vector points to the inside of the volume, which is overall in the negative X direction.

Thank you for the help. I changed the setting accordingly but still received the same error.