Solid wall constrain for static analysis

I have a steel plate like this
It uses fixed support with 4 holes in the top part.
And load force on the bottom part.
But there is a wall on the right (purple color), how to represent it as a boundary condition?
I tried to use primitive geometry, but it is ignored.
Fixed value is almost the right thing, but it constrain it always in both directions in selected axis, I need just one way.

I watched a ofiicial video about boundary conditions and read the documentation, but it is very hard to understand, there would really help some self-explaining real live scenario image.

Hi there,
Thank you for posting on the forum.
Can you please share the project link? The image is also currently not visible

I wanted to share it, but I didn’t found a way how. When I click the share button, there is no public URL.
Or can I share directly my URL?

Hi there,
If you have a private project, you can share with support and let us know the name of the project.
If it is public project, you can copy paste the project website link here.

It is public

I will try to upload the image again

On the right is desk

So it cannot bend in that way.

I need to simulate 22kg load on the bottom part.
I’m currently using force 220N.
I’m not sure if it is better to use point mass instead.

In reality, there will be a PC case on it, with 4 legs, like this

I need to find the right steel thickness to fit this load without bending.

I tried hard to find some similar existing example project, tutorial or public project. Nothing :frowning:

This is the best way how to share project, but hard to found