Solid and Shell Mix Meshing

I would like to have the ability to mesh shells. Some features are too thin where it makes sense to model them as shells to save some computational time or just be able to mesh with other bigger parts. I believe that trying to mesh this items while modeling the actual thickness would result in impossible number of cells or very bad quality. Shells typically take the thickness into consideration internally but not in the mesh. Some examples are big but thin objects, intermediate layers, baffles, etc.

I haven’t done much in SimScale because I know the feature is missing. But I did play around with it a little to see if I had good alternatives such as non com formal meshing:

I think that this is very similar to the previous created request:

Except I do not rule it just for structural haha. I will add my vote there.

If I had votes I would add one. I am thinking of doing a wing analysis with thin skin over the structure. As you said the mesh on the skin would we crazy large.


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