Soap Box - CFD Simulation

Hello, I’m going to build a new soap box for the next few days according to www.DSKD.ORG standard, in the Elite-XL class. With my old, we have become Vice World Champion. But that had disadvantages. Now I want to do something different with the new one.

The soapbox was constructed in Fusion360. I want to optimize the soapbox aerodynamic. Now I do not know the parameters. Can someone please tell me what parameters I have to enter that what comes out useful. Please so that it also understands a dummy :-).

Greetings from the land of “tüftler”
Tobias Werner
(Wenn jemand auf Deutsch antworten könnte wäre Klasse)


Hi Tobias (@cheffeundwackl)!

Such an amazing project and even better that you want to simulate your nice vehicle with SimScale :wink: My general advice for new SimScalers is to take a similar simulation and use it as a template changing the setup according to one’s convenience. Please also have a look at Workshop - Webinars of this forum and pick some of the Formula Student workshops to grasp the concept of our platform. Simply creating the simulation for you would not help you very much. What we want is that the users get familiar with the platform as well as its functionalities :wink: I am here anyway in case you need help!

Some first tips for your simulation would be to increase the bounding box size for your soap box as well as getting rid of the two “plates” next to it which you might have put there by accident ?!

When removing these parts we also have to make sure that the geometry is watertight! If you have some questions in German please contact me privately.

Cheers and happy SimScaling!


Hi @cheffeundwackl!

Soap boxes eh? Sounds familiar, I think I’ve seen the Red Bull Soap Box hill race of some sort before and it was massively funny watching some incredible creations going down the hill.

Unfortunately I can’t read the website :stuck_out_tongue: but I would love to help you and your team optimize your design. So do let me know if what I suggest is out of the regulations.

Like what Jousef has mentioned, you have 2 random plates in the open you first need to remove and ensure your geometry is watertight. This will cause problems in your simulation. Secondly, your soap box seems incomplete? There is one axle that has some sort of hole and the other doesn’t even have the cover on it like the other 3 axles.

I also recommend having cover plates on the holes (refer to 2nd picture) to better improve the aerodynamic efficiency if it isn’t too hard to manufacture. Also I believe the wheel joint is slightly out of the radius of the wheel so you might need to shorten it to implement my recommendation if it is even possible in the first place.

Once you have your geometry up we can start discussion on what we want to measure and improve (I’m guessing aerodynamics), start meshing, simulating, validating, refining and applying on to the actual soap box.

Looking forward to your reply!



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