snappyHexDict file

Hi, I am generating a mesh using snappyHexMesh. I would need snappyHexDict file for reference. How can i download this file?

Hi @Unknown,

would you like to do this before you run the mesh operation? This is right now not supported. How would you like this workflow to be? So setting up the mesh operation settings and then before actually carrying out the meshing process enabling a preview of the dict? Or would you also like to change something in the dict?



Hi David

Thanks for quick response

Ideally when the mesh is generated it would be good to have all the setting and the parameters used for meshing which is file format as as in snappyHexDict/foamyhex (Any inputs provided as meshing parameter) which could be downloaded along with mesh so that used as reference for future study.

Along with writing if the inputs can also read from respective meshing input file based on type meshing algorithm it would be great feature especially performing DOE or parametric study.


Shriram @Unknown,

I see, so you are more interested in checking on/studying the mesh input deck than actually modifying it before starting the meshing process. That’s something that would not be too hard too realize. I filed a feature request and added you to it. I’ll keep you posted on this.


Hi, any change on this (very old) feature request?