The above link is for an Static Nonlinear analysis of a snap-fit. This project is used to determine the stress and strain distribution in a snap-fit.
This project was set up based on a public project from the forum. The link to the post is given below

The simulation (see static snap_iteration 2 and static snap_iteration 3) isn’t running and it gives nothing in the event log

I don’t know the reason for this, I tried different geometries and different meshes as well, but I cannot figure out the cause of this error.

Thank you

Hi, this is Fillia!

Thank you for reporting this, I will forward it to the team, to see why there is nothing written on the event log. I will update you as soon as I have news :slight_smile:

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I think the problem might be caused by the Symmetry plane BC conflicting with the physical contact. Please try removing this BC, or if you really need it, replace it with a DY = 0 fixed value BC.

And please let us know if it works!


I think replacing the symmetry plane BC with DY = 0 fixed value BC, solved the issue. The simulation is running and has not shown any errors yet.
Your suggestion also solved an issue with my other project.
Thanks a lot.


The above link is for dynamic nonlinear analysis of a snap fit. This project is used to visualize the high-stress regions during and after the contact.
See “trial_3_Dynamic(geo_itr_2)” and “Run 11(mesh_6_old _and_penalty_coeff_change)” onwards.
The runs are not completed and the event log is giving me the same error for any changes I make.
I tried suggestions given in the event log and nothing seems to work, I am not able to figure out the reason for this.
Any suggestions will be helpful.
Thank you.

Hi @rgaonkar,

I am not sure if you really need to run a Dynamic analysis for this problem. I usually run a Dynamic analysis when I want to consider inertia effects and the loading is very time dependant.

Since your example is more quasi static, I switched the solution type to Static with nonlinear turned on.

Please take a look at the following simulation. Static 4, Run 2. and review the settings I used.


Thank you for the solution.
I needed a suggestion as to how to come up with the value of Penalty coefficient.

Hi @rgaonkar,

My method of finding the Penalty coefficient is just trial and error. I usually start with 50 * Young’s modulus. If I get too much penetration then I increase by 10X. If it will not converge I decrease by 10X.

There may be a better way out there but this has worked for me.

Let us know if you have any more questions.

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Thank you