Small feature suppression tolerance is too large

Running a air flow simulation in a room and the meshing process is stuck on 0% for 50mins. I cancelled it and tried changing the meshing size and type and it’s still stuck. I’m new to CFD, so any explanation of what the description below means or help is appreciated.

The log says : Small feature suppression tolerance is too large (more than 35% of the model’s faces were marked for suppression). Small feature suppression was disabled and the mesh will use the original model without suppression.

Not sure how to get a link of my project other than copy pasting it from the address bar:
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Hi there!

Did you try with the default settings for small feature suppression and gap refinement factor? I think this model is simple enough to be handled with defaults.

Is there any particular reason to change these settings?

Hi! yes, it was left on default on my first run and i got that warning, so i played with the numbers a bit to see if that would work

If you wish, then you should decrease the small feature supression, then the meshing algorithm will try to remove less faces. For more details please refer to our documentation: