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Slow Post Prozessor

I have a question due to the fact, that I’m trying to solve the homework and i stuck at the post prozessing step.
Because of the huge loading times. In fist place it took about serveral tryes and more than 15 min to load a simulation, and afterwise it’s even hader to work,
Any change to the simulation causes serveral minutes of waiting. Is this just a temporary problem of server traffic or a proplem by firefox, or my simulations?

Hi @sblock,

SimScale is currently running a maintenance. They should resolve the issues shortly. In the meanwhile you can try if another browser helps. Make also sure you clear your browser cache.

@afischer will post some updates soon.



Hey @sblock,

thank you for reporting your issue. We increased the resources for the post-processing, so you can give it another try.

Please note that for the current homework of the FSAE workshop it is also possible to hand your incomplete project in as there were some stability issues on our end. You can find additional info in the homework forum topic!

Best Alex