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Site redirects to missing onboarding page

Whenever I try to view my profile or any other authenticated page outside of the public projects the site bumps me to a missing onboarding page.

Hi @bostwickenator and thanks for reporting this.

Can you post a screenshot of the page you are redirected to? Would be interesting to know. Will forward your message to the team in order to identify the causes.

All the best!


Sure thing. I’ve included the developer tools on the right so you can see which requests are failing. Hopefully this isn’t effecting anyone else.

Oh I just noticed that is actually on my profile page. The same error page is displayed when I’m redirected to

Thanks a lot @bostwickenator! Will forward your messages!



Hey again @bostwickenator!

It looks like you did not fill out the onboarding fields, right? In case you did not do it after the registration you will be redirected to the onboarding page every time you try to open some account pages. Make sure to fill out the fields and give me some feedback if that changed anything for you.



Hi Jouset, I really would if I could. However the onboarding page does not load correctly. It appears as shown in the screenshot.

I’ve gone and created an account under an alt email to get around this. So while it isn’t blocking me right now whatever went wrong might effect other users in the future.

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