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Single hexahedron mesh

I am new to SimScale. I am trying to simulate internal airflow through the nasal cavity and sinuses.
Public project:

I am having trouble with meshing. The mesh generation yields a single hexahedron. The anatomy is complex. I am not sure how to determine where exactly the material point sits in the mesh.

Any thoughts?

Thank you.

Hi @mdunha!

The problem is that you have to refine the surface. I have performed a surface refinement with a level of 2 and you get the following results:

Shared the project with you. Let me know if you have any further questions. Note that you can additionally add some inflation layers which I have not done so far.



Got it. Thank you.

I am interested in ho you meshed this- could you share more of the details? I am about to begin a nasal CFD simulation project and would appreciate any suggestions.
Thank you!

Hi @Racerwrtr!

I have just used the parametric mesh and added a refinement of 2 (think it was 2 as I have already deleted the project from my dashboard). Worked out pretty well :slight_smile:

Feel free to open a new post if you need some help on your project.