Simulations results and questions

Hello, I succeeded to get through with the mesh.

I would be grateful for your help now, because I realise lots of questions arise.

1 - Concerning the rotational sens of the turbine, the right hand rule apply and to make it turn in the other sens i just put a minus before the rotational speed, correct ?

2 - Then when I look at the result the airflow direction heading to the support of the wings surprise me, did I do it wrong ? The goal is to simulate a rotating turbine in a low turbulence, indoor , environment.

3 - I can’t adjust the rad per second / rotational speed to visualize the difference in velocity and direction of the air flow. Can it be done at will after the simulation and where can I find the chart describing it ?

4 - I did particles trace for visualization, but it seem wind can only come form a point in space. Goal being to see the perturbation in the air caused by the turbine/fan in normal conditions/ indoor , therefore it should affect all the volume of air around it in 3 dimensions, a kind of iso volume with lines.

I join the link : SimScale Login

Thank you vey much for your support and lights

Hello Kouz,

thanks for reaching out to us in the forum,

1- With regards to the right hand rule, yes please ensure that the turbine is rotating in the right direction using the right hand rule.

2- For me the results are looking correct as the air is succeed into the center and then pushed outwards.

3- For a different rotational speed you will need to start a new run. You can more easily set this up by using the parameter function.

4 - My suggestion would be to use a cutting plane as a seed point. You might need to hide the external part once you select the pick from view option.

I hope this answers your questions.

Best regards

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Yes thanks a lot Sebastian !