Simulation takes so long time


I’ve simulated a three cube one inside another to emulate the heat transfer between an aluminium cast piece at 600-700ºc approx (nucleus, smallest cube) and the mould structure (second cube) and the air (the biggest one that are an enclosure). And all was ok

Now I’ve deleted the air enclosure and added a hole inside the mould for simulating a water flow inside acting as a cooling tube. The other cubes are like the explained above (aluminium cast piece at 600-700ºc approx (nucleus, smallest cube) and the mould structure (second cube)).

The problem is that the simulations take so long time and don’t progress. I’ve simulated 230 minutes and it didn’t reach the 2%. I’ve reduced the mesh and the End time simulations but i’t was useless. How can I fix it?

I attach the first project link and the second one:

The second one is where the problem explained is:

Thanks for all.

Hello @Sergi_S,

I noticed that you are currently running these cases transiently. Is this a particular requirement for this project, or would a steady-state approximation suffice?

Transient analysis are more costly than steady-state, and have special requirements. Generally speaking, I would recommend that you switch to steady-state, which will definitely run much quicker.

If you’d like to continue with the transient analysis anyways, then a good starting point would be this webinar on cost-effective transient analysis. It shows the main good practices and set up aspects to be aware of.