Simulation results were unexpected


I am trying to simulate a data centre. The main issue is the high velocities for the inlet valves, its causing pressure differentials and inducing recirculation regions which is impacting the efficiency. The classic Venturi effect at play here!

I tried to make the supply plenum one big section increasing the surface area which you can see in the project, the problem is the simulation results are unexpected and the temperature is very high. I look at the particle trace and it looks confusing the fluid isn’t being absorbed by the CRAC units I can’t see why?

Please could someone help :slight_smile:

link to project: SimScale

Hi STawcasious12,
I clicked on the link you supplied to your project, but it didn’t come up, it had been removed, maybe you have sorted the problem. If not, I’d suggest pasting a new link.

I found your dashboard and you seem to have an example that is working, but your later modifications have not gone well. I am only a novice member, but hopefully someone will answer your question, but heat flow is not my area of knowledge.

All I can suggest is search the Public Projects for similar projects that have successful simulations and copy them and work through them, that’s how I sorted out a few issues for my simulation issues. refer image.

All the best
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Hi Thanks for your reply, I rectified the problem.