Simulation results not available for download


I am working on a heat transfer simulation. I wanted to perform a transient thermal analysis of overall time of 1900s, with time-intervals of 10s, this would lead to 190 frames. I have set some of the volume calculations - average temperature.

The problem is - after finishing the simulation run I cannot download or post-process any results data, it seems like it is not available. I enclose the screenshot with the problem pictured.

Link to the project:

Hey @mdaniol!

Will forward this to my colleagues to see if that is actually a glitch, getting back to you as soon as I know more!

Cheers and thanks for posting this!


Hey @jousefm, are there any news regarding my problems?

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Hey Mateusz!

Keeping you posted, no worries! This issue is still under investigation.



Can you check it now Mateusz?



Hey @jousefm,

Still the same. However, now every new simulation run ends up with error. Shall I post the full log?

End of the Code_Aster execution
Code_Aster MPI exits normally

The problem is, after digging through the log, I cannot guess any clue why the simulation run failed. :frowning:

Hey @jousefm,
is it possible that the project settings and the number of simulations and models within one project may affect this error? Or it does not matter? I am wondering if setting up a new project with re-meshing could somehow help.

Sorry for getting back to you so late!

So you still cannot download the results for every project? That’s really odd, please confirm that this is the case and I will re-open the issue for my colleagues to investigate this.



Hi @jousefm

It’s not for every project, I just managed to make very basic simulation and it was possible. The problem is every simulation run with more complicated setup fails or - as it was before - finishes, but I cannot download the results.

Currently I make some tests, running different tasks, and I will let you know what will be the result of that.

Best regards and thank you for your help :slight_smile:

Sounds good :slight_smile: Keep me posted and I will immediately forward this to my colleagues if there is anything going on that should not happen :+1:

Good luck and happy SimScaling :slight_smile:


Hey @jousefm

So I have made some tests, it looks like some of the simulations are doing well, but two of them, which had to make more steps (overall simulated time: 1900s, each step every 10s) have failed. The problem is in the console log there is nothing written about the reason of the error. Also partial results (temperature value in a given volume) are available. It looks like something is wrong with post processing. But I am not sure :slight_smile:

Hey @mdaniol!

Can you share the latest link to your project as well as the affected ones (in case not all are affected by this) here? Also use the “Share with support” option in your dashboard.



Hey @jousefm

Sorry for a bit late answer :frowning:

This is the link to the project:

I have shared it also with support.

The simulation runs 8 and 9 are these ones which failed, and I have no idea what is the reason of failure.