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Simulation results not available for download


I am working on a heat transfer simulation. I wanted to perform a transient thermal analysis of overall time of 1900s, with time-intervals of 10s, this would lead to 190 frames. I have set some of the volume calculations - average temperature.

The problem is - after finishing the simulation run I cannot download or post-process any results data, it seems like it is not available. I enclose the screenshot with the problem pictured.

Link to the project:

Hey @mdaniol!

Will forward this to my colleagues to see if that is actually a glitch, getting back to you as soon as I know more!

Cheers and thanks for posting this!


Hey @jousefm, are there any news regarding my problems?

Best regards,

Hey Mateusz!

Keeping you posted, no worries! This issue is still under investigation.



Can you check it now Mateusz?



Hey @jousefm,

Still the same. However, now every new simulation run ends up with error. Shall I post the full log?

End of the Code_Aster execution
Code_Aster MPI exits normally

The problem is, after digging through the log, I cannot guess any clue why the simulation run failed. :frowning: