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Simulation results: force and convergence history

Dear Simscale users, Dear Simscale

I have performed a few cfd simulation on simscale. Everything looks great but I’d like to perform more postprocessing steps on the force history in order to extract some useful value such as a kind of uncertainty measure. That’s why I’m wondering if there is a way to extract the convergence plots of the force history plots as a csv file and perform this with excel?

An other point is, when uploading an openFOAM case, it’s not possible to have force or surface result features. Neither, we can access to the force file (that I assume is created in the current directory). Would it be possible to add such a feature?



the feature to download 2D plot data (no matter which one) is right now being implemented and should be available very soon. I’ll check in with my colleague to see if we already have a fixed date for the release of it.

For the OpenFOAM case upload, @jprobst might be the right guy to talk to. @jprobst, could you jump in here?



Good news!
What about the 6 dof motion library of openFOAM. Is it possible to extract a plot of the motion ?


do you mean if 6 dof motion in general is possible? Yes it is! It was part of the last release last week. Check out the new library project by @Ali_Arafat:

@Ali_Arafat, could you elaborate if motion plotting is already possible?


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Yes exactly! In the simulation you’re showing, is it possible to extract a plot of the trim (or pitch) along time??

@jojo_saxo, I just started using that analysis type. @Ali_Arafat could you jump in?

Hi guys,

Currently, the ‘Results Control’ items do not have the functionality to extract or plot the 6-DOF translations or rotations over time (currently we can only get the variation in center of mass, linear velocity and angular velocity from the log).
I believe this can be added in the upcoming platform updates.

But for now, it is very much possible to plot the translation and rotation motions over time by locally post-processing it in Paraview. This can be done using the filter ‘calculator’ for the object surface to calculate the displacements or rotations using formulations (would be slightly tricky for pitch angle) and then plotting them over time using the ‘plot variable over time’ filter.

As an example of what you would get, see this project “Pressure relief valve analysis with 6-DoF motion” and the last figure showing the ‘displacement over time plot’ for the valve’s bottom surface.

So if that is similar to what you need then it can be done with Paraview for pitch angle also.