Simulation result in paraview does not have blocks

In this project
importing the simulation results in paraview gives a blank rectangle.
I suspect this is because I need to hide the surfaces.
However, when attempting to use the “extract block” filter in paraview, I realized that there are no blocks in the simulation result downloaded from Simscale.
What I am trying to do is the use paraview to achieve the things done in Incompressible Turbulent Flow Around a Spoiler | SimScale
How can fix the above black rectangle problem?


Hey there!

I downloaded the results and they opened ok:

You probably didn’t select the boundary patches upon loading. It should look like this:


I see, thanks for confirming that there isn’t a big problem.
I wonder do you see a big rectangular cube when you load the results in Paraview?
For me, I can’t the spoiler mesh inside the rectangle, whereas you seem to be able to.

Yes, what I see at the beginning is the flow region rectangle.

I extracted the patch regions to create the plot above.

I see, really thanks for the hint. I wonder if you care to share more details of how you do it, perhaps like a video? Yours look pretty good!

I don’t see the need for a video, all I did was to use the Extract Block filter you mentioned, thus I assumed you know how to use it.

I just selected the patches I wanted shown:

And colored by U magnitude.

Ah, I see, really thanks for the hints, which helped me a lot!

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