Simulation of mass flow rate of radiator in the side pod

hello everyone, i am a fan of aerodynamics.
Actually, i am simulating the mass flow rate across the radiator in the side pod.
However, error message shown in my project.
would you guys please help me take a look?? thanks very much.

Hi @untilican3 !

I will have a look at it and get back to you as soon as possible.



Not sure about the solution, but if you bring the results into paraview you can isolate the surface, dot product the velocity vector with the normal vector, and integrate the variable to obtain volume flow rate. Then if compressable multiply it by the density field or if incompressible multiply by the constant density.

I know this doesn’t help you on the platform but it gets you unstuck :slight_smile:

Hi @untilican3,

Is your error related to the mesh or the simulation? I see an error in the mesh where you’re unable to mesh the geometry. There is a slight intersection between the base of the sidepod and the curved floor so you might want to look into fixing that before trying to remesh.