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Simulation of Centrifugal Pumps

Good day Engineers

I am Motsi Matlakala, I study Masters in Mechanical Engineering, my project is base of A Computational Model for the Efficiency of Centrifugal Pumps. I have done all the calculations and drawing, now i want to do simulation of the pump with different parameters of impeller diameters and blade angles. I have done the few steps for my model on but i can Not get the Results. The message that comes out says " Event log" and the simulation fails. Can someone assist me to run it, I saw few projects here done simillar thing. Your help will highly be appriciated.

Kindly regard

Hi there Motsi!

Will have a look at your project later on and let you know what the cause of this issue might be.



Hi @mmatlakala,

Firstly, here is a project that may help you:

Pay attention to the geometry requirements for the MRF and the mesh algorithm used, along with its settings.

Also I noticed an issue with the geometry which is going to affect your results:

There is a gap in your volute that is not going to play nice, maybe just select it and revolve it into the rest of the solid.

Any other questions, just give me a shout.



Hi @jousefm

Thank you so much for the respond, looking forward to hear from you


Hi @dlynch

I looked ìnto your designs and simulations and that exactly what i want to do. Which software did you use to do the design? I need help on this because I have tried to work it out by myself looking as some of the tutorials but it could not work well… Is there any way that you can assist me get this, if you can show me how to do 1 complete simulation, i will then do the rest of the work.

Thanks a lot


Hi @mmatlakala
Actually I’m just curious to know, what are the input parameters & assumptions you have considered during the designing phase of your centrifugal pump?
It’s cool to build something from scratch…


Hi @ronnie007

The parameters of the pump are as follow;

Dimensions of the Centrifugal Pump (mm)
Pump Size Suct. Disch A1 A2 B D E1 E2 F1 F2 G H J1 J2
121017 305 254 483 610 605 346 216 276 275 217 32 25 76 76
K1 K2 P
98 127 49

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Hi @mmatlakala,

Regarding your simulation issue, you have yet to implement a geometrical feature, the MRF zone, into the rotation portion of the geometry. Implementing that will allow you to proceed.

Let me know if you have issues.



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