Simulation of a semi-open space, using FA/FA+EA/recirculation only

The purpose is to figure out which method brings better comfort.

The space is a 7.5x7.5 room with a big opening on the east( esculator), with the face set as natural convection inlet/outlet. North side is a big window while the other sides are just internal walls

Model 1: FA, mechanical fresh air fan, give 1.2m3/s 35 degree C air
Model 2: FA+EA, mechanical fresh air and exhaust fan, volume flow TBD
Model 3: recirculation, use the momentum source as the fan

Since no cooling is given, I assume the space will only be hotter than 35 degree.
I think the only result I can get is the velocity, and it can be convert to apparent temperature.

I will keep update my findings, feel free to ask question:)

this post explained the difference of natural convection and pressure outlet