Simulation of a Lathe, forces on tool and spindle


Using a lathe the workpiece is mounted on a turning spindle.
A fixed tool then cuts chips from the workpiece.

The turning workpiece produces forces on the tool, mainly dependant
on the interaction surface between workpiece and tool.
The amount of force can easily be calculated by some machine workers tools.

My question:
Assume we have a force of 1000N in -Y direction on the tool on surface A.
This will cause a deformation of the tool and the tool base.
This can be simulated with simscale.

But what about the counterforce that works on the spindle and how to simulate this?
Is it roughly the same amount in opposite direction (+Y)?

For simulation of the complete lathe i need the forces on the spindle too…


Hi there!

Yes, if there are no more bodies involved in the interaction, the reaction force should be the opposite of the force applied on the tool (in a vector sense!)