Simulation not running in steps

This is probably my inexperience but I have a project with a tapered cylinder made of steel extruding aluminium. However I setup the simulation the first step shows the final deformed state and each step is the same result with no change.

Anyone help educate me where Im going wrong? I just want the aluminium to extrude out of the steel tube :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Martin, and thanks for reaching out to the forum!

In order to see the deformation process, you must:

  1. Activate non-linear behavior for your Static simulation
  2. Replace the constant force with a ramp from zero to max value
  3. Replace the sliding contact with a physical contact

Also, related to the physics, do you expect the aluminum material to pass through the hole with full stiffness? Shouldn’t you consider the lower stiffness in the case of heating and/or the yielding of the material?