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Simulation has errors

Hi Simscale

The project setup should be like this for my conjugate heat simulation:

After making a mesh and adding parameters i get this fail note when i try to do a simulation:

Some faces and/or interfaces are unassigned. If you choose to proceed, a no-slip wall boundary will be assumed for unassigned faces, and a thermal coupling for unassigned interfaces.: face866@Flow region, face7841@solid4, face6489@solid1, more …

Project link:

Hope you can fix it?

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Hi Søren

You have only defined inlet and outlet boundary conditions. So if you open any solid part(top right corner) you will see a list of faces which make up that particular solid. You have to assign a B.C to each face and if you have not given any B.C then the software will treat that face as a wall. By the way, I must say it is a very nice project that you are working upon and you should think about submitting this in the simscale community contest.


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Hi Ani
Thank for the reply.
So i tried to give each face a boundary condition. And for the first time I was alowed to continue without any failures but after 30 min. I got this message:

Simulation run failed
The following simulation run(s) failed:

  • Run 1
    • The machine ran out of memory. Please choose a larger machine by increasing the number of computing cores or reduce the fineness of your mesh.

Please check the ‘Event Log’ and ‘Solver log’ for more details.

In case of questions, feel free to contact us at or ask in the Forum.

What can i do?

Hi Soren


I see that you are using only 4 cores for this simulation. You can use 16 cores for this problem as the data that will be generated during the simulation is going to very large which cannot be stored in just 4 cores.

Hi Ani
Where do i change the number of cores :slight_smile: ?

Assign a value of 16 in the “No of processors” section

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Thank you :smiley: