Simulation for Valve industry - Ask us everything



we are continuing putting together quite some resources to leverage the SimScale platform in the valve industry. In the first session, a turbulent flow simulation of a butterfly valve with SimScale was demonstrated:

In the second session, @afischer showed how to run a stress analysis of a pressure relief valve:

You can find both webinars now on We are preparing right now the next sessions as we’ve seen quite some interest from a lot of SimScale users in this field. Is there anything specific you would be interested in learning more about, when it comes to the simulation of valves or armatures in specific?


First webinar recording online - including some nice German accent ;)!


In the beginning I talked about the usage of simulation for valve design in general. In the second half, I set up a turbulent, incompressible flow simulation of a butterfly valve, similar to this animation:

Let me know if you have any questions!

Happy Simulating!


The webinar of my colleague @afischer on stress analysis / FEA in valve design is now available as well: