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Simulation for 18 deg Flap angle


Hi all,
I couldn’t see the max. Velocity and pressure coeff in my Solution field
I have attach my project here, I dont know why this Profile is not showing those.
and will it be acceptable as a completed assignment when I send this link?


I checked your project and looked at the “Flap 0 deg angle” simulation. Everything worked pretty well. Can you post a screenshot with the problem you encoutered? I did not see any problems in the Post-Processor.

Try it again please :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reply, I got confused with my old failed Mesh operation for Flap 18 degree 0 mm, Now I got cleared with everything.
Can I submit it now?


Just make sure everything can be post-processed and correct values have been used for the simulation. If so, you will be on the safe side!




Hi @jousefm
Thanks for quick assist. I am getting Lines in Simulation field
Thanks in advance



That’s the center of rotation. You can turn it of by clicking on the button in the Post-Processor.

Tell me if it worked for you.


@jousefm yeah, thank you . I appreciate it :slight_smile: