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Simulation Errors

I’ve been getting unexpected errors that terminate my simulations. Even the event log just reads “An error occurred.”. Here is the link to my project. It’s the Fine Incompressible simulation.

Thank you

Hi @rafaelg

There are several errros in this setup

  1. You are assigning 2 Boundary conditions to the same face. BoundaryVolumeface4 is common in both Crossflow and wall B.C

  2. Assign the symmetric B.C. to face -BoundingVolumeFace5(which currently is defined as wall)

  3. Increase the number of processors to 16 in the simulation control panel(to avoid the “out of memory” error )

  4. Use larger Domain size to simulate this problem.

Simulate this problem after removing the above mentioned errors and plz inform if your simulation works or not


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@anirudh2821998 Thank you I am getting really good data now!