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Simulation error troubleshooting

Can somebody look what went wrong :slight_smile:

On the simulation run status says error, but there is no further information.

Thx in advance :slight_smile:

Hi @dbesed, you’re trying to run 40million cells on 4 cores, in SimScale the memory increases with the number of selected cores and for some reason I have found it just says error instead of machine ran out of memory.

for 40 million you want to be running 32 cores, that said, I have never needed 40 million cells so I would revisit the mashing stage. Further to this, you want to test your setup on a really coarse mesh to ensure it is valid before you increase resolution. For this application, I would say you could get really good results from 500k mesh size if you are efficient enough.

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Hi @dbesed!

Please make sure to increase the bounding box size as this is way too small at the moment as well as increasing the number of cores to run the sim. I assume you want to place the bridge on the floor right? If so please make sure to adjust the bounding box in a manner that the bridge is slightly touching the bounding box at the bottom (z-coordinate in your case). We may then proceed with the simulation part :slight_smile:

Edit: @1318980 was 1 minute faster. :neutral_face:

All the best!


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Wow that was quick. Thx for the info.

I will start with a very coarse mesh and i will allocate more cores to the calculation :slight_smile:

I m trying to simulate a bridge that is roughly 10 m of the ground. How big should the bounding box be. I have read thet it should be 3L in front and 6L behind the object.

Ps. Are the boundery condition for simetry corect?

I am a structural engineer so i have no idea what am i doing :slight_smile:


Well @dbesed you’re doing well if you don’t know what you’re doing!

Those approximations seem ok, every site you read will have a different recommendation but you will start getting a sense of how big the box needs to be by looking at results.

Symmetry looks fine!

Let me know how the run goes :slight_smile:

It works :smile:

Now i just have to learn how to view the results .

Thx for all the info.