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Simulation Error - Geometry Optimization



Hi @m1234,

Do provide more detail with regards to what kind of error you faces and any additional troubleshooting steps you took to try to rectify the issue on your own first. That will help anyone trying to help you out.

With that being said, my fellow @PowerUsers_FEA will be much better equipped to solve your issues.




Hey @m1234 and thanks for tagging Barry!

Regarding the geometry you have to make sure that the solids do not intersect meaning that you have to clean up the geometry a bit. On top of that why is there a shell inside the geometry? Any specific purpose for that? I would remove that one if it is not necessary.

Another issue is the wrong definition of the master-slave contacts. You would have to define each contact of the beams with another one manually. That was just some small information on the optimization process - @cjquijano or @BenLewis might give you more specific tips!

All the best!



hi @jousefm thanks for your advice
i will make sure doing what you said
iam doing a stress analysis on chassis of formula student car so the beams are shell and the interactions between the beams are the points of welding that in our design so i dont know how i edit this problem (sheel beams and welding points)


thanks for your help
i want to calculate the stiffness the chassis


Hi Moataz (@m1234)!

Just to be sure that there is no misunderstanding: Shell and Beam elements are not available on SimScale. One feature request has already been posted by our PowerUser @cjquijano here: 1D Structural Elements. Welding can be realized by using the simplified model of a bonded contact.

All the best!


Error in meshing