Simulation error due to problems with the mesh. Not really sure what to do

Hello, I am a student contributing in the F1 in schools competition. I am trying an external airflow simulation for an aerodynamics analysis.

A problem I have been facing is when an error takes place at the start of the simulation, saying: “Boundary conditions have been applied on the following faces: (listing faces)” Before saying this: Found a boundary condition with faces that do not belong to the mesh: (listing multiple faces) This may happen if the boundary condition is assigned to an internal face between different regions. Please remove these faces from boundary conditions." This then results in an error.

Not really sure what do do and I hope that you can help.
Here is the link:

Any advice would be helpful. Thanks!

Hi there,
Thank you for posting on the forum! The issue is most likely with your simulation setup. Let me have a look and I will get back to you soon :slight_smile:

Hi there,
So the faces in red are the ones causing the error.

You will need to deselect these faces from your boundary conditions and your simulation should work.
Also, you do not need to assign a specific no-slip condition as our default setting for unselected faces is no-slip :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for the help!